The SOAMI-Location: An indulgent mix of Tranquility and Natural Beauty

The overall SOAMI philosophy is based on simple principle: Health, Clarity,  Balance and Respect for nature and its offerings.  Located in Obermillstatt, with breathtaking views of lake Millstatt (boasting of drinking quality water) and near the Nockberge National Park, our Center is the ideal spot in which to carry out and live these central beliefs.  Our principles also governed the architecture and interior design of our Center.  High quality, natural materials such as bamboo, wood and glass exude a harmonious climate with warm interior spaces that breathe – and let you breathe.  Built with the principles of Feng Shui in mind, our Center faces south and is built into a hillside, affording stunning views and allowing us to use daylight to our advantage.  Amidst this tranquil, natural setting, nothing could be more fitting than to begin and end each day with a sublime yoga session.