SOAMI Retreats for nutrition and cooking

Eat or fast yourself healthy! We are excited to introduce you into our world of cooking know-how; from the tricks of ingredient choice and preparation to the proper combination of food sorts and meals structures, we will share our secrets and recipes with you. Below you can discover our various cooking retreats designed to teach you what type of nutrition is right for what type of person and what nutritional directions will help you to bring your body into balance.


SOAMI  “CookArt – Shop”

Once a year, we couple our Yoga Retreat with a cooking retreat. Here you will learn how to cook vegan meals that are shaped specifically for balance and for your individual needs.  Naturally, we take into account the season and the climatic conditions.  In the theoretical part of the course, you will be taught the basics  including what is behind the principles of Yin-Yang and how and why food  can effect both your body and psyche. The practical part of the course teaches the daily preparation and combination of a sustaining, healthy, well rounded and varied menu. Cook “Art” is light, fun, sensual, creative, colorful, healthy and simple to incorporate into your everyday life. The Cook ARTshop is extremely motivating and gets one excited to cook. Depending on the theme, participants will get a chance to help with the preparation and cooking of the various dishes. Our Gourmet kitchen is also suited for those suffering from Zoeliakie afflicted (?) and those with allergies.


SOAMI Nutrition Consultation – Individual analysis and coaching

Available upon request at each of our Retreats is discrete and individual Nutrition Counseling that includes analysis and coaching and is designed specifically for each client.


Weekend and one-day cooking courses

Our weekend or one-day cooking courses are always driven by a specific theme, such as “Cookies and Snacks” or Soups and Protein dishes” to name but a few. Included in the price, of course, is a tasting of the prepared meals and a compilation of the recipes. Ask us for the specific themes to be offered.



Hildegard and Werner Biller, co-directors of the SOAMI Yoga Retreat Center, Regina Weihs, Sachie Sakaguchi