Life is our mission

For the past 15 years we have been working on making our life more self-sustainable.

A realization of our physical problems due to stress, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity led us to question our lifestyle and started us on a search for tools to make the changes we wanted and needed  in order to heal our bodies and souls.

Intensive studies in the areas of cooking and nutrition, yoga, psychotherapy and the use of these newly learned skills were the tools we needed to change our lives and redirect ourselves onto this new career path.

Not only through our own experiences but also through many years of assisting and guiding people of all ages and body types, we have learned that  even single steps in the right direction, such as practicing yoga or changing a diet, can have a big effect in making an individual healthier and thus happier.

Our dream was to create a center in an extraordinary natural environment where individuals or groups can come for a “Time Out” and have the opportunity to experience ”the best of all worlds”.

We are thrilled and deeply satisfied to have made our dream come true.  Now we can share our dream with you. 


“Experience yourself”

The SOAMI concept is our mission.  As a family, we live our mission on a day to day basis to its’ fullest and believe that when you sees our way of life you will also be convinced of what it can offer.