Terms of Conditions

After we receive your registration form and the registration fee of Euro 200.- you will receive a written confirmation of your reservation for the Retreat. We ask that the outstanding payment due be paid at the latest 2 weeks before the start of your Retreat. Please send the payment, in full, to the account number listed below.

The registration is binding upon the payment of the registration fee of Euro 200.-.

Cancellation fees are as follows:
30 days before the start of Retreat, Euro 100.-
20 days before the start of Retreat, Euro 150.-
20 – 1 day before the start of Retreat Euro 200.-

We offer you the option to book another retreat within a year’s time and your cancellation fee will be used against the next registration. We also suggest you have vacation cancellation insurance!

The SOAMI Center is liable solely for damages that occur due to malice or negligence. All activities in which you partake during the Retreat you do so at your own risk. If a Retreat is cancelled, the Retreat price or the registration fee will be refunded. There are no refunds for a shortened stay or for unconsumed services.

Before departure, the guest must settle any outstanding debts. All prices include VAT.

When transporting persons or luggage, The SOAMI Center is only liable for damages as stated in our passenger car insurance policy. We are not liable for losses or delays.

The regional spa taxes, currently in the amount of Euro 1.50/per day, are included in the Retreat price.

Also of Interest
We are not responsible for any print or calculation mistakes. Any spoken agreement first goes into effect upon receiving a written confirmation from the Center.

In all disputes that arise from the contract, the parties agree that the local court of the Retreat Center is responsible and therefore Austrian laws apply.  If any one of the above mentioned terms and conditions becomes null and void, the other terms and conditions remain valid.   The afore mentioned cancelled terms and conditions will be replaced with the most appropriate possible terms and conditions available.

Banking Information:
Soami Holding KG
Volksbank Wien
Account number: 45001868004
BLZ: 43000
IBAN AT07 43000 4500 1868 004